There are already millions of words written about the setting and achieving of your goal, which are practiced by millions of people as well. But still, most of the goals created are not fulfilled. Here are some significant tips that will help you accomplish the goals that you have.

1.Your goals should be original.

This doesn’t mean that such goals need not to be somehow similar or same as the other goals of other individuals. It just means that you should have your own goal, not a second hand one. Many people are practicing to have their goals based from the expectation and hopes of their cultural norms, society, parents and teachers. This results to cases that wherein you cannot hold such goals for long periods of times. Remember that setting a goal truly means that you should earn fulfilment and happiness as you accomplish it.

Practice setting goals that are originally yours, not that assumed or inherited. If it is not just from you, what will be the meaning of it? Accomplishing them will not give you that happiness and fulfilment in life.

2. Your goals should be inspirational

Your passion must represent the kind of goals that you have. It should not be any promise or simple wants that you want. It must be something that will drive you to strive harder and be fulfilled in the end as you obtained it.

Passion is that something which pushes you to do whatever it takes to have your goals. It keeps you on the track. It strengthens your concentration and motivates you. It is the passion that inspires you and leads you to the right way going to your desired goal.

3. Your goals should be harmonious in nature.

All your goals must be according to your perspectives and dreams in life. They must not contradict one another.

Do them one at a time since working with them simultaneously will not help you at all, leaving your stresses out of your way. Recognise who and what you are. Base from it the set of activities and goals that you will have.

4. The goals of YOU must be realistic in nature.

The goals that you will be setting must be able to be accomplised within a lifetime framework.

Realistic goal doesn’t mean that you must have the usual goal of everybody. There are goals sometimes which seem not achievable for everybody but determined persons were able to do so, such as building a personal computer at home, attempting to soar high a bicycle using motor and wings.

These goals are attainable and do not let anybody set a limit for you.

5. Have idealistic goals.

The goals of you must be based from your personal ideas and from who and what you are as of today. They should be created based from the different aspects of you, such as the environmental and physical, relationships and emotional, financial and material, ethical and spiritual, and educational and mental aspects.

Set the goals in accordance to your ideals in life. In this way, you can have a happy and satisfying result. On the other hand, if you will be having the unrealistic ones, there’s a great chance that you will end up getting unsatisfied and bored.

6. Make your goals specific.

You must have a specific goal in order for you to be able to do the right attack towards it. If you want to be a rich person, specify how you will consider yourself as a rich person.

7. Your goals should be flexible.

Several individuals miss the chances of gaining their goals because their concentration with those goals is too extreme and constricted to recognize better goals as they go. Ensure that you will concentrate in achieving your goal and not with the method or ways on how you can have it.

8. You must visualise your goals.

Visualising your goals in life will help you a lot and will serve as your motivation through the way. Imagining them makes them more realistic and believable, thus ending up in energising you and inspiring you to strive harder in obtaining them.

9. You should affirm your goals.

You must believe in yourself that the goal that you have is attainable and let everyone know about it so they can contribute to your achievement process. Keep it in your mind that if you will not believe in your goal, then you can never have it. If you will not have passion for it, then you can never attain success.

You must be that someone to speak about your goal

10. Have a timely set of goals.

It is in time and space where everything exists. Set specific period of time for the goals to become true or you spend lots of your time in achieving only one and will never have any fulfilment at all.

11. You must have a list of all the goals that you want to achieve.

It has been proven through studies that people who jot down their goals have higher ability of accomplishing their tasks rather than those who only list such goals in their minds. People who don’t have a list of their goals are more likely to withdraw from the achievement process.

But still there are some individuals who manage to set and achieve their goals successfully, even without writing them down. Do not pretend that you are one of those. It is much better to write them down since it is not guaranteed that you are still going to remember all the goals that you have after a long period of time.

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