This is no gimmick — these are real benefits of regular physical activity. A recent study has shown people with higher levels of physical fitness are at lower risk of dying from a variety of causes, and even increase their life expectancy.

How much exercise are you getting? Is it enough?

It gets even BETTER. Research also shows that exercise will enhance sleep, prevent weight gain, and reduces the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and even depression.

One study has even found that when breast cancer survivors engaged in exercise, there were incredible improvements in physical activity, strength, weight maintenance, and social health.

Furthermore a second study looked at patients with heart failure and determined that exercise relieves symptoms, improves quality of life, reduces hospitalization, and in some cases, reduces the risk of death.

We should also point out that exercise is not just important for people who are already suffering with health conditions.

Which begs the question... If we can see benefits of exercise in people who are recovering from disease and illness, can we see the same benefits in those of us who are generally healthy?

If the research is there to support a healthy active lifestyle, why are we not engaging in it??

If you are looking for a way of improving any of the symptoms above or would just like to be a part of a fun, healthy, active community why not send us a message and come and join our little community.

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